Thymol Crystal

Thymol Crystal is a white crystalline substance, extracted from the leaf of Thymus vulgaris and various other plants, using the solvent extraction method. The crystals have a pleasant aromatic odor. The medicinal properties of the crystals also make it ideal to be used in alcohol solutions and dusting powders prescribed for the treatment of ringworm infections. In addition to this, thymol crystal is also used as antiseptic and anesthetic in mouthwash. Thymol also provides a cure for bruises, colds, burns, coughs, eczema, dermatitis, edema, gum infections, gout, infectious diseases, oily skin, laryngitis, sinusitis, sprains, sore throat, etc. K. M. Chemicals is the name acknowledged as the leading Thymol Crystal Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.

It is a distinct natural compound that belongs to the hydrocarbon family. It is mainly extracted from various types of plants. It is well known for pleasing smell & strong antiseptic properties. Owing to these properties, it is widely used in various industries. Its most important usage is in the pharmaceutical industry. You can also place enquiry related to Mint products as well. We are reputed Menthol Crystals Manufacturers based in India.

It possesses antibacterial properties because of its phenolic structure. It is widely used in the alcoholic solutions & also in dusting powders. These are widely used as a preservative because of their nature. These are highly efficient against the fungi and prevent their growth. Owing to this property, these are widely used in preserving various items.

These also possess peculiar smell. Owing to this smell, these are also widely used in the perfume making industry. The pleasant odor of this compound provides a relaxing & rejuvenating effect.      

Due to their chemical & physical properties, the Thymol Crystals found tremendous usage in several industries. So, what are you waiting for? send your enquiry now. We are also considered as prominent Camphor Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

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