K. M. Chemicals is regarded as one of the supreme Camphor Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh. Camphor is also known to be pious and used in auspicious ceremonies. Apart from this, camphor is also demanded due to its medicinal properties. It offers relief ageist cough if rubbed on the throat. Various skin ailments, cold sores, pain from bug bites, and mild burns are also treated using camphor. To meet the requirements of the buyers and application areas, camphor is also available in various sizes and quantities. The attributes of Camphor includes waxy appurtenance, flammable, transparent or white solid, and strong aromatic odor.

Camphor is a white transparent solid having a very strong odor. It is derived from the bark of the camphor tree. Chemically, it is manufactured using the turpentine oil. Because of its chemical & physical properties, it is widely used in various industries. We also offer the premium quality of Menthol Crystals at pocket-friendly prices to our clients.

It is widely used as a preservative. Owing to its strong smell, it is used in making mothballs. It is believed to be toxic for insects. Due to its strong odor, it is used against the insect collections. It is also used as an antimicrobial.

It is also used in preparing sweets and dishes. It is widely known as edible camphor and finds tremendous usage in the kitchen. In India, it is widely used in preparing the desserts.

In the pharmaceutical & medical industry, it is widely used owing to its chemical & physical properties. It provides cool or warm sensation to the skin. It is used in the manufacturing of the anti-itching & cooling gels.

Counted among the top Natural Camphor Exporters and Suppliers in India. We are here to fulfil your bulk orders. Call or drop your enquiry to know more.

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