Mentha Spearmint Oil

Mentha Spearmint Oil is in huge demand in India and abroad due to its soothing aroma and refreshing flavor. Using a unique method or extraction, this essential oil is extracted from the menthe spicata flowers. Due to its cooling effect, the oil is used to cure catarrh, respiratory disorders, digestive problems, gum problems, etc. apart from its medicinal use, it also serves culinary applications. K. M. Chemicals is regarded as one of the dependable Mentha Spearmint Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. In addition to this, the oil is also packed conventionally using modern technology, which prevents contacts from adulterants and change in climatic conditions.

  • 100% pure & Natural Spearmint.
  • 100% Natural Guaranteed.

We offer 100% pure Spearmint Oil with light and uplifting aroma of peppermint for soothing your senses. We manufacture Pure spearmint oil from natural herbs without adding any kind of harmful additive to it and have gained recognition as a trusted Mentha Spicata Oil Manufacturer. Organic Mentha Spearmint oil is valued across the globe because of its culinary and gentle medicinal properties. We are Essential Oil Manufacturers, we can provide the bulk quantity of spearmint oil in 180kgs galvanized iron drums and 25kgs small packs are also available on request.

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