Top 5 Ways To Use Natural Menthol Crystals

Menthol crystals are mint crystals, derived from the extraction of oil from the mint. These crystals work better in some products, which need a strong flavor or the ability to relieve the pain from the body. They are highly used in home remedies too. As we all know that Natural Menthol Crystals have many medical benefits, so it is very important to buy the best quality from the reputed Natural Menthol Crystals Manufacturers. Here are few ways by which you can use these crystals in an effective way.

  • Menthol Rubs Or Cream – It is the best way to use menthol, you can melt menthol crystals in coconut oil to use it as a moisturizing cream. It helps you to get rid of dry skin and provides a soothing texture to your skin.
  • In A Steam Bowl – You can use menthol crystals to get steam; this will allows your block nose to get relief. A steam before going to bed helps you to clear out the sinus problem.
  • Use While Bathing – By using menthol crystals in your bathtub helps you to soothe your muscles, it will also provides you a relaxing feel after taking the bath, and also a good sleep.
  • Razor Burns – Natural Menthol Crystals are also known for their quality to reduce razor burns, mix these crystals with after-shave gel and apply them gently on your face; this will shows you the quick results.
  • Get Rid Of Insects - Natural Menthol Crystals have the good ability to keep the insects away. You can use menthol crystals in your garden to eliminate insects like a Honey Bee, Moths etc.

These are the best ways to use natural menthol crystals; you can try these and see the results. KM Chemicals are known as the leading brand of Essential Oils Manufacturers. You can visit our to explore our product range and can call us at the given number.