Thymol Crystals: A Great Way To Treat Many Diseases

Thymol crystals are a derivative of thyme plant, which is also knows as thymus vulgaris. The consistency of Thymol in thyme plant is around 40 % which is later used as oil and crystals to manufacture several types of pharmaceutical preparations at predefined percentage. This substance is extracted and rendered into crystals by Thymol crystals manufacturers India. It is later supplied and exported to different locations according to demands and desired requirements. It may be of a concern to business person more than an ordinary person, but what a common people will deem to know about its advantages in their daily life. So, the next paragraph serves the purpose.

Thymol crystal is used to cure many diseases such as eczema, cough, cold, dermatitis and so on. It is a good compound to use during winter for relive from congestion. If not Thymol, then you can go for Menthol which serves the same purpose against cold symptoms, but yet it is luxurious and refreshing way to treat yourself also. What else Thymol can do for you? It can prevent you from oral diseases if it is incorporated in tooth paste. The remedy of mixing it into alcoholic solutions and dusting powders is prescribed for treating ringworm infections. If you are wondering about mentioning of its action against both bacteria and fungus, then you are right. It is both antibacterial and antifungal. Researchers found its usage in case of Alopecia Areata also. Besides that they found it is very effective against some fungus which is a little difficult to kill.