Thymol Crystals: A Derivative Of Thyme Plant

Thyme plant is a wonderful herb with different types of applications ranging from culinary, therapeutic, and ornamental. In the past, people used it mainly for medicinal purposes, but now it is used for both medicinal and ornamental purposes. The most common variety used is thymus vulagaris. One of the major derived forms of chemical from this plant is Thymol. It is extracted and rendered into oil or Thymol crystals by Thymol crystal manufacturers India.

Thymol has various therapeutic benefits like antibacterial, antiseptic, and anesthetic. It has shown maximum effectiveness in lab test against bacteria and fungus than other constituents present in thyme. It is used in toothpaste due to its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Besides that it is used to cure many diseases: cold, cough, eczema, dermatitis, sore throat, laryngitis, sinusitis and so on. It is able to treat you in case of several infectious diseases like ringworm and other fungus diseases, and gum infections. Its efficacy is not just against microorganisms or macro organisms, but also against mites and mold in beehives. Not to forget its presence in perfumes and cosmetics to incorporate fragrance.

As the above mentioned usage nudged you about its use in culinary process, so let’s explore this part a bit. It is added in different types of meals to add a unique flavor as well as its medicinal properties. Thyme honey is a delicious treat which is the result of nectar indirectly. In short, it is a useful herb or must have herb at your home in the form of Thymol crystals or oil.