Menthol Crystals Provide A Cooling Sensation

Menthol Crystals are carried from natural cultivated plants that are crystallized from essential oil of peppermint. These crystals are 100% pure and also used for various works when these menthols can be presented into the products or items.

These crystals can be made unnaturally. When it derived generally as well as naturally. It comes from peppermint, mint oils as well as corn mint. If this process occurs at once, these oil starts freezing at instantly that helps in forming the menthol crystals. These crystals are look like small rounded rock crystals and also at room temperature, it was solid, but at the above temperature of the room level it starts melting. These crystals are white or transparent in color and also in wax form. These substances can be dissolved in the propylene glycol and alcohol.

These can be used in industries for various works. The name of the industries who uses these crystals are: candle industries, perfumery industry, oral hygiene industry, tobacco industry. Personal care product industry and many more. These crystals have strong minty flavor which is found in them naturally. These crystals can be used 2% to 10% in a product or item and this percentage is depended on the formulation of the product or item. So, one should buy these from reputed menthol crystals manufacturers.

Menthol can be used in various activities which are in the bath and also in body care products, naturally protect the skin of body from cold sensitive receptors and can provide a cool sensation in the body.