Mentha Piperita Oil: An Important Derivative Of Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most popular herbs since antiquity because of its pleasant aroma. It has distinct flavor, culinary uses, and wonderful medicinal value. The peppermint herb has a unique cooling and refreshing effect on the taste buds. The oil and fragrance‭ ‬stimulate the nose and throat when inhaled due to the presence of menthol in the leaves.

Peppermint is the most popular mint variety for dessert dishes, beverages, confectionery and candy, especially for flavoring chocolate.‭

It is also used for savory dishes, especially ‬lamb, Middle Eastern cuisine. It is often added to salads and broths and is used to make sauces and salad dressings.

The nutrients in peppermint are compared with Spearmint and several herbs that have similar uses: Parsley, Chives, Thyme, and Oregano (in the Mint Family).

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Health Benefits

It is a rich source of many antioxidants that prove many health benefits by helping to neutralize harmful free radicals. The total amount of antioxidant in peppermint is 14 umole Trolex equivalents/100g. It contains no cholesterol, very low amount of calories, dietary fiber and carbohydrate.

It is also a good source of several vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, beta carotene, Vitamin E and loads more. Besides that, it is also a rich source of riboflavin, folates and pyridoxine (vitamin-6).