Indian Basil Oil

Indian Basil OilK. M. Chemicals
is a countable name amidst the leading Indian Basil Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. The oil is processed through basil leaves using the steam distillation method. The basil oil appears to be pale greenish yellow in color as its main components are Linalool and Methyl Chavicol/Estragole. The properties of the oil also includes spicy, sweet, herbaceous, and campherous. The oil is regarded good for skin and is also used in various cosmetics. In addition to this, the soothing effect also make the basil oil ideal for treating nausea, constipation, cramps, etc. Basil Oil is also widely demanded by pharmaceutical industry.

Indian Basil Oil is mainly grown in the west part of Uttar Prasesh (India). Basil oil is extracted through steam distillation of leaves of Basil plant and is pale greenish yellow in color. The major constituents of basil oil are Methyl Chavicol (Estragole) and Linalool. Its sweet, spicy, herbaceous and slightly campherous. The bright green oil has more uses in the kitchen and food productions. Basil Oil taste good, it refreshes mind and skin.

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